The Chakras
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In yoga and meditation these are points on the body through which energy flows.

Starting at the base of the spine, the meditation rises through the crown of the head; Each point can be expressed not just by the physical identifications, but in a variety of ways: colors, feelings, metals, planets, and many more. The Chakras are musically fascinating because, when they are out of balance, there are many dramatic implications and opportunities.

The Seven Chakras is composed to explore each Chakra with simple objectives:

#1 - Base of Spine -This is about the balance between materialistic monotony and the drive of courageous self-protection.
#2 - Abdomen - Filled with Emotions and Instincts.
#3 - Solar Plexus - Dominant vs. submissive.
#4 - Heart
#5 - Throat
#6 - The Eye - Balance between hallucinations and insights.
#7 - Crown of the Head - Intellectual vs. spiritual.


Bonus Tracks include: Raga the Dog, East of West and Nuclear Chants

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