Noah and the Gremlins

Lyrics & Book by Bill Barnett
Music by Howard Kilik
Based on the Short story,
"Working with the Little People"
by Harlan Ellison

The Demo CD


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performing on track:
mp3 The Price of Gas in Istanbul All
mp3 Why Can't Mine End Now? Michael Hunsaker
mp3 Nobody Knows Us Now Debra Pitkin, Stacy Lee Tilton & Eric Moore
mp3 Who is Marci Wallerstein? Stacy Lee Tilton
mp3 Cockney Rhyming Slang Eric Moore & Michael Hunsaker
mp3 Think About a Stream Michael Hunsaker & Stacy Lee Tilton
Voice-Overs feature Valerie Gilbert as Espee the Gremlin

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All material copyright 2004 Bill Barnett & Howard Kilik

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