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    About Me

    Mostly I compose music for Theatre (Vocal and Instrumental) and for Dance (Performance).

    In 2022 I composed a full-length score for the WCSU Production of "Metamorphoses" (by Mary Zimmerman, Sal Trapani, dir.)

    Previous works include: Glimmer of a Dream (Shirley Girl), (Noah and the Gremlins, and Christmas Story Salad). The Musical "Dream" was produced in Charleston SC (in 1986 as part of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival) and I was Arranger for "Ubu" at Western CT State University (book by Sal Trapani).

    As resident composer at Vassar for over 20 years, I've composed many pieces for VRDT (their resident Dance Company) and the Linda Duci Dance Ensemble. And, I've written many songs, Sacred and Secular (Pop).

    Please check out the Digital Artist, Sochewster. I write the music and my dogs comment on the creations of the Animated, 3D, Digital Artworks.

    Not only do I compose music, but I'm also a pianist,musical director,conductor and singer. Click here if you need an accompanist or accompaniments, or Click here for my Resume

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    Music for Theatre

    In 2022, I composed a full score for the WCSU production of "Metamorphoses" (click title for link) (by Mary Zimmerman, Sal Trapani, dir.)

    Previous works include: Dream (A Midsummer Night's Dream adapted by Tony Howarth), Noah and the Gremlins (by Bill Barnett), Shirley Girl (aka Glimmer of a Dream, by Tony Howarth) and I arranged "Ubu" (an immersive theatrical experience by Sal Trapani)

    • Love Lost (Metamorphoses)
    • Storm Sequence (Metamorphoses)
    • On Jordan's Stormy Banks (Shirley/Glimmer)
    • Think About a Stream (Noah and the Gremlins)
    • Medley from "Dream" (Dream)

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    Music for Dance

    As Resident Composer for the Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre (for over 20 years), music composed for Dance Performance includes works for Live Ensembles as well as Mixed-Media and Electronic Productions.

    The Linda Duci Dance Ensemble collection includes pieces for Large (Orchestral) Ensemble as well as Electronically Conceived and Executed Pieces

    • Table and Chair (S. Rooks, Choreo.)
    • Chakra 6 from the Seven Chakras (Linda Duci, Choreo.)
    • Drumlin for String Quartet (K. Wildberger, Choreo.)
    • Take it to the Tap (Lisa Duci, Choreo.)
    • Butterflies from Metamorphosis (Linda Duci, Choreo.)

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    Songs: Sacred and Not So

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