Stages of Life  - 

This collection of Instrumental Music combines

Classical, Jazz, Pop and Electronica into a unique,

fun, beautiful and catchy style that will

take you on a journey through sound.

With over 70 minutes of music, it is 

available now!  


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Illusions -The Vassar Version (dur.5:30)


A Dream of Wings


Toy Symphony

Bus Stop (dur.7:30)


Illusions-The Ballet
All That Glitters
It's What's Inside



Illusions was originally composed for the Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre, and told the story of a young man obsessed with a beautiful young woman. 

Metamorphosis was composed for the Linda Duci Dance Ensemble. The Cocoons emerged into beautiful Butterflies.

A Dream of Wings was choreographed for VRDT by Deborah Tacon.  The vision is of a flock of birds.

Energy is divided into three vignettes -  Wind, Water and Fire , and was composed for the Linda Duci Dance Ensemble.

Toy Symphony is another of the Ballets for LDDE, and was composed to be performed with a live orchestra.  This section, Dolls, is the slow movement.

Bus Stop was choreographed by Steve Rooks for the VRDT.  This urban piece is mostly percussion and electronic sounds.

Kaleidoscope is a short evocative piece that was written for Linda Duci.

Illusions - The Ballet is composed for full orchestra, and contains the Vassar version of Illusions in the Final Movement.

About the CD. This is a compilation of pieces written for Dance Performance from 1990 - 2000.  All of the tracks are synthesized and most of the sounds came from a Kurzweil K2000, a Roland JV 1010 and a Yamaha DX-7.  The artwork was done by Nicole Duci.

all material copyright H. Kilik 2000


I hope you have enjoyed listening to selections from "Stages of Life". 

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