Music for Dance and Classical Pieces

Triptych, (2 pieces for solo piano and an electronic fantasy), was
choreographed by Steve Rooks in 2014: movement 1, movement 2, movement 3

Drumlin, a string quartet composed for the Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre in 2012.

Esa Eynai (vocal version) and the no vocal version is a setting of Psalm 121, for voice and pre-recorded track.

Cantus, four Walt Whitman poems set for mixed choir and percussion in a live performance with Vassar Rep Dance Theatre.

"No Victory Too Small", for piano and strings, recorded for Vassar Rep Dance Theatre

The 2008 Vassar Rep Dance Theatre piece was "Evolution", a collection of 5 small pieces:
One, Two, Three, Four, and Five

Seven Chakras and Energy (Wind, Water, Fire ), Lost Rhythms (Parts One, Two, Three, Four and Five)
all were written for the Linda Duci Dance Ensemble.

An Orchestral Piece, Illusions (MIDI rendering):
All That Glitters, It's What's Inside, Percussion! and the Orchestral version of "Illusions"

Music For Modern Dance - a radio station of Howard's piano improvisations during actual dance classes

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